Curlewis Parks Estate

About This Project

Curlewis Parks Estate is a 24 hectare, 306 lot master-planned residential development located on the Bellarine Peninsula near Geelong that establishes a new benchmark for smaller estates through the unique adoption of an Aboriginal-inspired landscape philosophy that also promotes indigenous plant species to recast public open space in a new light. This project demonstrates the valuable contribution that smaller residential estates can make to the social, economic and environmental matrix of urban development whereby well considered, individual investment can contribute significantly to the greater region. The overall design concept emphasises the value that can be derived from an estate that embraces underlying rich and significant regional cultural history.

The well-executed landscape provides cues to past cultural activities and integrates sympathetic land management practices disparate to many national precedents.

The objective of the project was to create a residential community that identified with the local indigenous Wathaurong cultural heritage within a contemporary urban open space development. The project acknowledges that art is a central part of Aboriginal life and that art expressions support the Wathaurong connection with ‘country’ while informing and enriching the entire community. Within a regional context, the landscape design realises immense contemplative, learning and recreational opportunities for both the Curlewis Parks Estate and wider communities. This is achieved through interpretive artworks whose materiality is replicated and inter-dispersed with interpretive signage throughout the parklands. Large-scale artworks draw immediate public awareness, but there is also a secondary layer of messaging delivered through more subtle symbolism and narrative.

The budget for the Estate landscape was approximately $1.2 million. Infinity Landscape Architects’ scope of project services included briefing, concept design, master planning, construction documentation and contract administration. Featuring numerous recreational parklands, Infinity Landscape Architects’ vision has evolved significantly from the ideas first captured in their initial estate Landscape Master Plan of 2012 and was an entrant in the 2014 Australian Institute of Landscape Architect Victorian Awards.

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